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Chat games

Welcome to Sun Bingo chat games. You can enjoy playing these fun games in our friendly chat rooms.

At the end of each game the Chat Host will reward the winner of the game with a cash prize.

2 Fat Ladies

If the number '88' is called the first person to type '2 Fat Ladies' wins. If the number '88' isn't called the '2 Fat Ladies' Chat Game rolls over to the next bingo game until a winner is found.

Balloon Race

Players choose a number between 1 and 80; this number is their 'balloon'. When their number gets called their 'balloon' is 'popped'. The first player to type 'still flying' at the end of the game wins.

Blankety Blank

The Chat Host types a sentence or title of something but leaves a space blank for the chatters to guess what that word is. The chatter who guesses the blank word correctly wins.


The Chat Host types the letters of a word which have been jumbled up. Chatters re-arrange the letters to guess the word. The person who un-jumbles the letters correctly wins.


Players must find the word 'connection' between two words given to them by the Chat Host. For example: if the two words given to the players were 'second' and 'bag', the word connection would be 'hand'. The chatter who types the right connecting word first wins.

Double Trouble

Players choose two double numbers, such as 23 and 89. When both numbers have been called the players must type 'double trouble' and both of their numbers to win.

Dress Up Box

The Chat Host will dress up in an imaginary costume as the game begins. Players must try to guess the accessory which the Host needs to complete their outfit. The player who guesses the correct accessory wins.

Family Fortunes

Similar to the popular game show, the Chat Host asks a question and chatters must guess the 'highest scoring' answer. Our survey says: 'Whoever gets the right answer wins.'

Movie Quotes

The Chat Host will post a quote from a movie; chatters must then guess what the film was, the chatter who guesses correctly wins.

Name That Tune

The Chat Host types the first few words from a song, chatters must name the song correctly to win.


A music, film or television trivia quiz, hosted by the Chat Host. Chatters have to answer the questions correctly to win.

Who Am I? What Am I?

Players must guess who or what the Chat Host is pretending to be using the clues which they post. The player who guesses correctly wins.


The Chat Host types the letters of a word which have been jumbled up. Players then re-arrange the letters to guess the word. The person who un-jumbles the letters correctly wins

2 Little Ducks

When the number 22 (two little ducks) is called, the Roomies type "two little ducks" to win. This game rolls over to the next bingo game if 22 is not called

Lunchtime/Late Headlines

The Chat Host tells the roomies a headline from today's Sun newspaper but one of the words is blacked out. The first person to type the correct missing word wins

Topical Questions

The Chat Host asks a question about today's news stories as published in The Sun newspaper or on The Sun website. The person who posts the correct answer wins