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How To Play

Sun Bingo 90


Choose which Bingo Club you wish to play in and which chat room in the Sun Bingo 90 lobby.

The Clubs and chat rooms can be seen below:

  • Candy Club (with 3 chat rooms named Lollipop, Sherbet and Liquorice)
  • Celeb Club (with 3 chat rooms named A-list, Wags, Reality TV)
  • Music Club (with 3 chat rooms named 60's, 70's, 80's)
  • Romance Club (with 3 chat rooms named Flowers, Chocolate and Champagne)
  • Fashion Club (with 3 chat rooms named Milan, Paris and New York)
  • Headline Club (with 1 chat room named Headline)

Buying Tickets

Tickets prices are clearly displayed in the buying screen, click buy to see the ticket prices for the next game.

You can buy Bingo tickets by selecting the tickets you want to buy and clicking the 'Buy' button.


At the start of the game you'll see your purchased tickets.

To view the other strips you've purchased click the arrow button(s) located above the bingo tickets.

Your best ticket(s) will always be moved to the top.

You can choose to mark numbers yourself or automatically by selecting or de-selecting the 'Auto Dab' button.

You can also change the colour of your dabber using the colour picker.

You'll see how many numbers you have left on the left hand side of your tickets, (e.g. 1 to go, 4 to go).

The Prizes

There are 3 opportunities to win on Sun Bingo 90; you can win 1 line, 2 lines or the Full House!

In addition there is a chance to win the Progressive Jackpot - you need to get a Full House in 40 numbers or less.

The cash prizes in each game vary depending on how many people are playing.

The Jackpot will restart at £500 once it has been won. The exception to this is Headline club where the Jackpot will restart at £2000.

Prizes are shared if there is more than one winner at the same time.

Prizes will show in your account automatically.

Link Games

Every 30 minutes on the hour and half past the hour, 5 Sun Bingo 90 clubs link together to make one massive Prize Pool!

Between 2am and 9am the rooms remain linked so that players can still win big prizes while the rooms are less busy.

You can buy tickets for a link game in any room.

Please note that Headline club does not have any link games at present.


You'll find 16 friendly chat rooms In Sun Bingo 90.

You can talk to other Bingo players in our friendly chat rooms while you play.

To post a message in the chat room, type what you would like to say into the text entry field and click `Send' or press the enter button on your keyboard.

Every chat room on Sun Bingo 90 has a Chat Host who looks after players. If you have any questions please ask the Chat Hosts. They're here to help you!

Chat hosts are easy to see in the chat rooms because they always type in red.

Chat hosts run regular chat games where you can win cash prizes.

The chat text colour can be changed by clicking on the colour picker located at the bottom of the chat console.

Smileys and icons can also be posted.